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We will be launching our first online Puppy Course this week, a 4 week fully interactive course for pups up to 6 months of age.


And we are launching one-to-one VIP Training Packages, with video consultations for puppies and dogs imminently, so please have a look at the Packages and Courses page.


Last week all of our ongoing six courses moved online, and we're having great fun teaching them. Here are some of the reviews:


Laura May, with puppy Boxer, Bonnie, said:


‘Animal Kind have successfully switched to remote classes. We got just as much instruction and feedback as if face to face, along with crucial advice for how to manage this isolating time. The whole class shared tips and ideas with each other. Bonnie really enjoyed her online lesson from Chris, Helen and Macca, and it entertained the whole family! We all recommend it!’


Kath Kelly, with Golden Retriever Betty Boo, said:


‘We are now taking part in the new online training - it worked brilliantly and is amazing fun and therapy for the whole family!! Can highly recommend Chris and Helen for both their group training and 121 advice. We are so looking forward to next week. Thank you xx’


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Cole, Rio and JJ stick


Group Rio, smiling, Cole and JJ