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Super Socialisation for Baby Pups


These fun Super Socialisation Sessions for Baby Pups get your new puppy aged 9 weeks to 14 weeks (at the time of starting the course) ready for the big wide world! This is your one-off chance to give your pup a good start in life, so don't miss out, as places sell out quickly: Book Online


Your new puppy will get introduced to other Baby Pups, new people and interesting things in a fun but well-managed session led by Animal Kind, who have been holding these Puppy Courses in Solihull since 2015. The venue is a clinically clean place.


The course is designed for puppies who have had their first vaccination 7 days or more before. Sessions are held on Tuesdays at 6.30pm at Oliver Bird Hall, Solihull. A new 4-session course starts on the first or second Tuesday of each month.


To enquire, text or call Chris on 07542 150036


There are lots of socialisation exercises, including with the other Baby Pups, adults and children, basic training, getting used to costumes, loud noises, vacuum cleaners, scooters, handling, and other unusual items. And you will also learn about their upbringing and training. The Socialisation Period, or Socialisation Window, is the best time in your puppy's life to introduce your new dog to lots of new things and set him or her up for a confident life.


But the socialisation window usually shuts at the latest by 14-16 weeks of age, and it doesn’t reopen, so the chances of your dog becoming nervous and nervously aggressive (the most common cause of dog to dog and dog to human aggression) are massively increased by not socializing your pup as soon as possible.

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