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Young Pups Socialisation and Obedience

£145.00 (Sold out)

6.30pm Thursday evenings: Socialisation combined with basic obedience training in a relaxed atmosphere. Start your puppy's socialisation and in person training journey to help them become calm dogs and good family pets with this 8 session course. And join a community of other owners with fully vaccinated pups aged up to 6 months.

“We’ve really enjoyed the lessons and have learnt a lot, as well as having lots of fun,” said Sarah Sasse, with Freddie the Shetland Sheepdog.

This Young Pups course has been designed by our in-house behaviourist and dog training team. It is Covid-19 compliant, with limited places available, so you get lots of personal advice and attention, as well as receiving written tips and lots of video clips to remind and help you practice after a session.

The course starts at 6.30pm on Thursday, September 10th. Classes are 1 hour long and are held at Solihull Riding Club, Dorridge. To book, please order here via Paypal or transfer £145 (discount of £10 if you've been on a previous course or Puppy Power session) to Animal Kind Dog Training:

Account Number: 42468239
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Socialisation techniques are shown to set your puppy up for a lifetime of successful interactions with other dogs. Classes are relaxed, and fun, teaching you all the basics that you need in the early days, such as Social Manners, Food Manners, Lead Walking, and Recall to Voice and Whistle. 

This course also covers basic obedience such as: Sit, Lie Down, Wait, Going to a Bed on command, how to prevent Food Bowl Guarding, Leave It on command, not Jumping, and Dropping Items.

Type in DISCOUNT10 when paying if you have had a Puppy Power session or package, or have attended an online Puppy Socialisation or Puppy Obedience course.

T&C: Refunds for anyone wishing to cancel their place less than 7 days ahead of the course will be made at our discretion. Full refunds will be given to cancellations made 7 days or more ahead.

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Unfortunately, due to Covid 19 rules, only one person can attend per dog at the current time – this will be updated if the rules are relaxed.

You get lots of one-to-one tuition from Chris and Helen, which is tailor made for you and your pup. Animal Kind set up its Dog Training School in 2012. Chris is an accredited Dog Training Instructor with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, has a Masters degree in Animal Behaviour, and is a provisional member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors and Fellowship of Animal Behaviour Clinicians. Helen is a student member of the IMDT and has an OCN qualification in Canine Behaviour.