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Teen Pups Obedience and Pre-Agility

£145.00 (Coming soon)

This Teenage Pups Obedience and Pre-Agility course is for fully vaccinated dogs aged from around 8 months and over, or any dog who’s behaving like a Teenager!

The Teen Pups course has been designed by our in-house behaviourist and dog training team. It is Covid-19 compliant, with limited places available, so you get lots of personal advice and attention, as well as receiving written tips and lots of video clips to remind and help you practice after a session.

The course starts at 8pm on Thursday, September 10th. Classes are 1 hour long and are held under cover at Solihull Riding Club, Dorridge. To book, please order here via Paypal or transfer £145 (discount of £10 if you've been on a previous course or 121 session) to Animal Kind Dog Training:

Account Number: 42468239
Sort Code: 40-42-12

Agility skills include going through a tunnel, over a seesaw, weaving poles, and jumps. Teen Pups will set you up perfectly for joining an agility club when they are over 1 year old.

Obedience exercises include recall, including whistle recall, lead walking, emergency stop, backing up, and fun tricks like pivot, crawl and roll over.

Adolescent Socialisation - let’s face it, they’ve probably started noticing the opposite sex a lot more, and are behaving differently around same-sex dogs (or vice versa), so their doggy manners or confidence might need some work. And socialisation needs to be ongoing – use it or lose it.

Type in DISCOUNT10 when paying to get £10 off the Teenage Pup Course if you've been on our Young Pups or Tweens Course.

Completion of Teen Pups means you can move up to the very exciting follow-on Top Dogs Obedience and Parkour course. Attend this course and get £10 off when you book your place on the follow on.

T&C: Refunds for anyone wishing to cancel their place less than 7 days ahead of the course will be made at our discretion. Full refunds will be given to cancellations made 7 days or more ahead.