Text or Call: Chris Wills IMDT BSc MSc - 07542 150 036 

Dog Consultation and Follow Up - In Person or Online


121 dog training is something that everyone will need from time to time, because expert help can really improve you and your dog's life at any age. It can be held in person, or online if you prefer.

In this Consultation and Follow-up Package, we assess your dog's temperament and the cause of any issues, and begin leading you through a behaviour plan to solve it. This two session package involves a 2 hour consultation to assess the problem and provide you with a training plan, and a 1 hour follow-up session to further improve. It can be extended into a longer package if needed after the two sessions.

We can help with any obedience problem under the sun, and during our 10 years we certainly have: counter surfing, jumping, play biting, stealing items, not leaving or dropping items, and resource guarding are just a few of the many problems we regularly solve.

As well as training and advice, you will receive video clips to help you practice and improve, and follow-up support by text or phone.

For more serious problems including separation anxiety, see our longer packages of 4 sessions or more - we can advise you on which would be appropriate - call 07542 150 036.

For specific packages for Lead Walking, Recall, Dog-to-Dog socialisation, confidence and aggression, email [email protected]

Book the Consultation and Follow Up here or make a transfer of £135 to: Animal Kind Dog Training Ltd, Account Number: 42468239, Sort Code: 40-42-12

Get £10 off if you have already signed up to a group class with us, or apply that discount when you do.
Type in DISCOUNT10 when paying online via our website.

Wish to turn this into a 4 package session, or 6 month or 12 month package, please email us on [email protected] or email 07542 150 036.

Chris Wills IMDT BSc MSc is an accredited dog training instructor and behaviourist with 10 years experience working with dogs. He is an accredited member of the Intitute of Modern Dog Trainers and holds a Masters degree in Animal Behaviour, and is a provisional member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors and Fellowship of Animal Behaviour Clinicians.

Refunds are given for cancellations made more than 48 hours ahead of the consultation.

Email [email protected] for more information.