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We are offering In Person 121s and Classes and Online options


Check Packages and Courses to see and book what we are currently offering, which include:


- In Person 121 training sessions observing social distancing guidelines


- Online 121s to solve your dog training problems through online consultations


- In Person Classes, observing social distancing guidelines


- Online Classes - including Puppy Socialisation and Puppy Obedience Course


Get in touch by emailing [email protected] or messaging or calling 07542 150 036


See Packages and Courses to book.


Check out @animalkinduk on Instagram and Facebook. Here are some of the reviews:


Gina Charles with Louie, a 13 week-old Labradoodle, said:


“Cannot recommend Animal Kind enough! In these testing times Helen and Chris are able to provide an excellent comprehensive puppy/dog training session online which has been so beneficial to us. They are extremely professional and also very welcoming and it’s a lovely relaxed session.  Also noticed a positive change in our puppy before/after the first session! Can’t wait for next week’s lesson.”


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Cole, Rio and JJ stick


Group Rio, smiling, Cole and JJ